Dear MCS Parents,

The following information is being provided with the intent of assisting our school parents in planning ahead to meet the costs associated with registration and tuition payments for the 2019-2020 school year.



Registration is $440.   Registration is non-refundable!  Financial balances from the past school year must be paid in full in order for returning students to register for the new school year.



Parents have two tuition payment options:



Parents have the opportunity to take advantage of a 5% discount by paying their child’s tuition in full by August 1. Last year 14 families selected this option.

Example:      $   3,090     (School Year Tuition)

$     390.00     (Less 5% Discount)

$   3,990.00     (Tuition Paid in Full by Aug. 1)


If you have further questions or concerns about the available tuition payment options, you may contact my office at (323) 728-4119.

In His Grace,

Ms. Victoria Martinez, Principal                     


Requests based on unusual and extenuating circumstances to be exempt from the FACTS Tuition Payment Plan must be submitted in writing. Pursuant to our School Board’s Policy parents that are exempt from the FACTS will be charged an additional $ 25 per month to cover school office processing of tuition payments.


Also, parents that are exempt from the FACTS Tuition Payment Plan and make tuition payments through the school office are required to keep their accounts current with regular monthly tuition payments. Parents that are exempt from the FACTS during the past school year are required to renew their exemption in writing for the 2019-20 school year.